Party boats

Party boats

Celebrate your small (or large ...) party on one of our party boats, combined with a cruise in the middle of the Rhenish Amazon.

Enjoy a hearty breakfast brunch, lunch or dinner.

Enjoy a hearty breakfast brunch, lunch or dinner exclusively with your guests on the «Rhenish Amazon». We anchor the boat or simply let ourselves drift with the current, surrounded by nature and without the noise of the streets.
You and your guests will be delighted.

Party boat details (PDF)
Suitable for small and large parties.
Our small party boat can accommodate up to 16 people for food and drink at a fixed table. 
A further 20 seats are available.
By fitting additional tables, up to 40 people can be catered for on our large party boat. The tables are dismantled for the onward journey.
The route section and departure time are freely selectable.

Small party boat equipment

The "small" party boats have a table for up to 16 people to eat and drink.

In addition, there are still 20 free places available.

Large party boat equipment

The «big» party boats offer space for up to 40 people, whereby the tables are assembled for the meal and then removed again for the onward journey.

Important information

As we do not have a kitchen on our boats, we take the dishes on board in (warming) boxes. Nevertheless, we can also serve you hot, uncomplicated dishes in a unique Rhine setting.

Let yourself be inspired by our offers!

We would be delighted to spoil you and your guests with culinary delights on our boats.

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Weather conditions

When the weather is fine, you can enjoy the sun in the open boat. The translucent roof is rolled up and the glass cabin is removed. In bad or cool weather, the closed roof and mounted cabin protect you from the unpleasant weather.

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