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Rhine Falls Schaffhausen - Boat trip offers


30 minutes
Round Trip

Enjoy this unique boat trip along the "Rhenish Amazon" including the thundering Rhine Falls as a final bouquet.

Duration: 30 minutes
Daily from 24 March to 13 October 2024
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Big Round Trip

Climb aboard for the Rhine Falls basin tour and learn many interesting facts directly from the boat guide during the river trip to Rheinau.

Duration: 1 ¼ hours
Sundays & public holidays from 24 March to 13 October 2024, daily from 29 June to 1 September 2024, as well as on additional days according to the timetable
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Liner boat
to the Rhine Falls

Explore the "Rhenish Amazon" from Rheinau, including the impressive Rhine Falls basin tour with the option of boarding at the Rhine Falls.

Duration: 1 ½ hours
Sundays & public holidays from 24 March to 13 October 2024, daily from 29 June to 1 September 2024, as well as on additional days according to the timetable
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Brunch boat

The incomparable pleasure! We serve you a hearty breakfast while the boat floats on the tranquil Rhine. Without road noise, in the middle of nature.

Duration: 2 ½ hours
Every Sunday from 5 May to 15 September 2024
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Sluices tour

The unique spectacle! Shortly after the Rhine Falls round trip, the boat crosses the three sluices at the Rheinau power station and continues on to Eglisau.

Duration: 2 ¾ - 7 hours
Every 2nd Sunday from 5 May to 22 September 2024
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3 Highlights, ONE TOUR

Discover the top attractions at the Rhine Falls with the new Rhinefall Ticket! Experience the Rhine Falls up close with a 30-minute boat trip, enjoy the bird's-eye view from the RIVI Skyfall, and explore Switzerland in miniature at Smilestones. All of this is easily accessible via hop on & hop off with the RIVI X-Press train.

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Boat & Wine

Experience an epicurean atmosphere on the Rhine at «Boat & Wine» with exquisite white and red wines from «Wunderstaa Wein AG» from Hallau.

Taste the fine wines while the boat floats gently in the middle of the «Rhenish Amazon», accompanied by information from the winegrower himself.

Finally, experience the Rhine Falls at close quarters with the impressive Rhine Falls basin tour.

Extra trips & party boats

Enjoy this beautiful natural area - through the "Rhenish Amazon" - on a boat chartered especially for you. Our boat trips are suitable for all ages and can be adapted with side windows depending on the weather conditions. If you wish, we can serve you an aperitif or a delicious lunch or dinner.
You and your guests will be delighted.

We look forward to your visit between March and November.

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Boat trips from Schiffmändli AG - an experience for all ages

The Rhine Falls boat trip of Ernst Mändli AG

Seven outstanding boats developed and manufactured in-house, over 20 highly motivated and qualified employees, our own shipyard in Nohl am Rheinfall and unrivalled gastronomy on the water: this is what makes our shipping company what it is!

Ernst Mändli AG has been run by Barbara and Reto Holdenrieder Mändli, the fifth generation of the family, since 2002 and is fully committed to making the Rhine Falls and the "Rhenish Amazon" an unforgettable experience for every passenger.

We achieve this with a varied programme of course trips, extra trips and spectacular events that you can enjoy alone, as a couple or in groups.

Would you like to discover the unique "Rhenish Amazon", listen to up-to-date information from the boat guide and experience the thundering Rhine Falls up close at the end? Then the 30-minute round trip is just the thing for you.

Or would you like to explore the entire "Amazon" to Rheinau and stop in Rheinau (depending on the time) to visit the monastery church or one of the many restaurants? Then book the Big Tour. Of course, this trip also includes a close-up view of the Rhine Falls.

From the exciting sluice trip and the relaxed Sunday morning with our delicious breakfast on the brunch boat, to individual trips on the party boat, cheerful excursions and unusual extra trips, to group trips with all your relatives or friends: We always offer you the right experience on the «Rhenish Amazon» for every taste and every wish.

We are already looking forward to welcoming you on board in the near future.

3A - 30 minutes Round Trip

Only a short time at the Rhine Falls? Then opt for our 30-minute round trip, which offers you everything a boat trip has to offer in this time frame. During the trip on the calm waters of the "Rhenish Amazon" to the German border, our expert boat guide will provide you with interesting information about the history of the landscape and the local beaver. Finally, you will experience the impressive Rhine Falls up close and be mesmerised by its power and beauty.

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3B - Big Round Trip

Climb aboard for the impressive Rhine Falls basin tour. Learn more about the history of the landscape and the local beaver directly from the boat guide along the 7-kilometre-long «Rhenish Amazon».

The boat stops briefly in Rheinau. A visit to the baroque monastery church, 15 minutes away, is possible. The monastery church was built in the 18th century and is a cultural asset of national importance. There are also numerous restaurants in Rheinau.

Return journey to the Rhine Falls with another tour of the Rhine Falls basin.

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3B - Line boat trip to the Rhine Falls

The boat trip from Rheinau is the perfect alternative for guests who want to avoid the crowds at the Rhine Falls and visit the numerous restaurants in Rheinau or admire the baroque monastery church. Enjoy a 40-minute boat trip upstream along the 7-kilometre «Rhenish Amazon» and learn more about the history of the landscape around the Rhine and the local beaver directly from the boat guide. At the Rhine Falls, you have the option of leaving the boat or travelling back to Rheinau. A later departure for the return journey is of course also possible.

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Brunch boat

What could be nicer than starting your Sunday morning with a cosy breakfast on the tranquil Rhine? We let the boat drift in the current while you are served an extensive Rhine Falls brunch. Then it's back to the Rhine Falls again, with the impressive Rhine Falls basin tour. An unforgettable experience!

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Sluices tour to Eglisau

After a tour of the Rhine Falls basin, the boat glides down the Rhine to the Rheinau power station. There, the boat is transported over the first sluice, for which the guests have to leave the boat and can watch as the boat is pulled to the other side with the trolley. The journey then continues past the Rheinau monastery island to the second sluice, which is also overcome. The journey then continues along Rheinau, under the 200-year-old wooden bridge, to the third and final sluice, the «Stollenauslauf». After overcoming the last sluice, the natural flow of the Rhine begins. An eventful and relaxing day!

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Party boats

Kursfahrten Schiffmändli

Celebrate your small or large party exclusively with your guests on the «Rhenish Amazon». Enjoy a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner while we anchor the boat or simply let it drift with the current. In the midst of nature and without street noise.

Our party boats offer space for up to 40 people and our culinary offer ranges from simple ham in bread dough or a fine spaghetti feast to an exclusive «barbecue on the boat».
You and your guests will be delighted.

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Extra trips

Kursfahrten Schiffmändli

Charter your own boat and determine the departure time and route. We will be happy to advise and support you in putting together your desired programme for a successful, eventful occasion.

We have six ferry boats with a maximum of 50 seats and the wheelchair-accessible cabin boat «Rhyfall» with around 60 seats. All boats can be adapted to the weather conditions (with roof and side windows).

On request, we can also serve you coffee and croissants, an aperitif, cakes, etc. during the journey.

The Rhyfall in all its splendour

In 1846, Eduard Mörike began his poem „Am Rheinfall" (At the Rhine Falls) with these two lines in view of the magnificent waterfall on the High Rhine on the border between Switzerland and Germany:

Hold your heart, O wanderer, firmly in mighty hands!
I almost lost my own, trembling with desire."

He was describing the full power and drama of the Rhine Falls, as you can still experience it today when you, like 1.7 million other people every year, visit this unique spectacle. The Rhine Falls extend over a width of 150 metres. The Rhine plunges around 23 metres into the depths here. In summer, up to 600 cubic metres of water flow down every second, making the waterfall the most visited attraction in Switzerland.

The Rhine Falls can be easily reached by public transport, by bike or by car. Simply get off the Hochrheinbahn railway at «Neuhausen Bad Bhf» station and from there you can reach the Rhine Falls on foot. You can reach the waterfall just as easily if you get off at the SBB stations «Neuhausen Rheinfall» or «Schloss Laufen». If you are travelling by car, the good signposting on the A4 motorway will lead you to your destination.

Your personal adventure according to your timetable

Experience the «Rhenish Amazon» and the thundering Rhine Falls up close with us! You can choose between the short and the long tour, which run according to the timetable. Weather permitting, we are out and about for you from April to mid-October, offering you a spectacular and unforgettable adventure on the water.

The short tour takes 30 minutes and of course includes the unique boat trip along the «Rhenish Amazon» as well as the impressive Rhine Falls basin tour, where you can experience the Rhine Falls at close quarters. One of our boats departs approximately every 20 minutes, so you can take part in the tour flexibly and conveniently at any time.

You should plan a little more time for the Big Round Trip which takes 75 minutes in total and lets you experience a total of 14 kilometres of the «Rhenish Amazon» and the Rhine Falls basin. Along the way, the boat guide will provide you with lots of interesting information about the history of the landscape and the beaver. If you like, you can leave the boat in Rheinau to visit the baroque monastery church from the 18th century. There are also numerous restaurants that look forward to your visit. Afterwards, you can go back on board and return to your starting point or walk back to the Rhine Falls (approx. 2 hours).

These boats run between Schlössli Wörth and the Rheinau power station. They run 4-5 times a day depending on the season at weekends or daily in summer, according to the timetable. In addition to the timetable, you can also book the tours for your personal event and decide on the date and time yourself.

Our Extra trips have something for everyone

In addition to the tours, we have attractive extra tours in our programme that you are sure to enjoy. For example, how about our Sluices tour to Eglisau? You start at the Rhine Falls and experience the waterfall in the Rhine Falls basin at close quarters. You then travel quickly to the Rheinau power station, where the first of a total of three sluice stages is overcome. An interesting and exciting experience that is anything but ordinary.

But that's not all. What do you think about spending a Sunday morning with a cosy brunch on the Rhine and let your soul dangle while the boat floats calmly in the current? The end of this great tour on our Brunch boat is a spectacular tour through the beautiful Rhine Falls basin.

A special attraction are our Party boats. You can book these for a customised cruise on the «Rhenish Amazon» if you want to treat yourself and your friends or relatives to something really out of the ordinary. We will be happy to serve you a breakfast brunch, lunch or dinner according to your wishes. Whether on the small party boat with up to 16 seats or on the large party boat with up to 40 people: Here you are guaranteed pleasure, enjoyment and relaxation.

Many activities on the banks of the Rhine invite you

Are you already familiar with our various storage locations between Neuhausen and Eglisau? These include Dachsen, Rheinau, Ellikon, Flaach, Rüdlingen and Tössegg, for example. This gives you great opportunities to combine a boat trip with other activities directly on the Rhine. You can reach particularly idyllic places along the «Rhenish Amazon» that you could not reach by car. Ideal for a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike.

There are also a number of interesting activities available here. For example, there is the Adventure Parc Rheinfall with its extraordinary climbing possibilities from easy to difficult. 165 climbing elements and more than 1.5 kilometres of ziplines are available here. Lots of fun is guaranteed on 14 different courses and a special children's course for the little ones.

A visit to the Rheinau Abbey Church can be perfectly combined with a boat trip on one of our boats. A guided tour is a great way to learn more about the history and architecture of the church, its works of art and its spirituality. The monastery complex on the Rhine island was originally founded as a Benedictine abbey in 858. It is best known for its ceiling frescoes, which were created by the Ticino Baroque painter Francesco Giorgoli in 1708 and 1709.

Another attraction is a Wine degustation in the historic state winery near the Rheinau monastery. The history of the cellar goes back more than 400 years. As part of a guided tour with wine tasting, you will gain many interesting impressions and information about the building, the winery and, of course, the high-quality wines.

Many other options for active leisure activities await you on our routes along the Rhine. These naturally include excellent restaurants, which we will be happy to recommend to you on request.

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What our guests and friends say

Wir möchten uns für die Bootsfahrt herzlich bedanken. Die Atmosphäre auf dem Schiff war locker, besonders durch unseren Schiffsführer Christoph. Ihm gilt ebenfalls unser Dank....

Eva & Ulrich S.
7. June 2024

Die Schifffahrt war top und der Jodlerklub war happy.

Monika S.
25. April 2024

Wir möchten uns nochmals herzlich bedanken für die Restauration und Instandstellung unseres Mändli-Bootes. Wir sind beeindruckt von der Sorgfalt, Kompetenz und Pflege unseres Bootes. Auch...

Mändli-Boot Besitzer M&J
11. April 2024
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